Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 1.3

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 1.3

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball is a basketball simulation game
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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball (DDS:CB) is a basketball simulation game. DDS:CB puts you in the role of head coach at one of 337 schools. It's up to you to land the recruits, teach them your philosophies about the game, manage their morale and most importantly - win games.

- Totally revamped recruiting interface. Information on recruits is now streamlined for easy access and visibility
- Deeper interaction with recruits. As head coach you'll have the ability not only to do the previous recruiting abilities but also the ability to phone recruits yourself to find out specific information you'll need to know in recruiting them. This feature gives you the ability to spark some interest in a recruit that may not show interest in your school and even gives you the chance to engage in some illegal recruiting techniques - of course with the risk that your dealings will be discovered and punished.
- Get to know your players! New scouting report options, player relationship displays and player interactions through in-game email bring the players to life like never before
- Optional game features to customize your game world even more.
- Expanded almanac to track even more historical information about the schools and their players.
- Enhanced ability to interact with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball making the moving of players from the college ranks to the pro ranks easier than before.
- Draw up your own plays and see how your players execute them in the big game
- Increased control in scheduling. Make a phone call to your athletic director to let him know what kind of schedule you want for the season.
- Non-conference rivals allow you to schedule a specific school to a rivalry game each season
- Coach philosophies allow you to tailor the type of game your team plays even more in addition to the twenty different offensive and defensive sets your team can run.
- Enhanced 2D game play allows you to watch every second of the game unfold or even take some time out to rewatch one of the games of the season.
- Customize your coach to give you the challenge you want for your career and choose from 337 schools to coach at
- Realistic recruiting schedule allows you to recruit players all season long
- Customize school names, logos, player and coach photos, home courts, team specific chants and fight songs - make it however you like it!
- Full HTML and Multiplayer league support with added functionality and HTML options



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